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iPad as Writing Device
Image by Oldwoodchuck
The iPad really works as a text creation device. In plain words, that means that you can write on the puppy. In fact, when coupled with an external keyboard, it’s a great platform for writing.

I’ve written an evaluation of my two favorite writing apps and their use on the iPad, and it’s posted here.

[This review was for the iPad 1 not long after its release; word processors have been updated and new ones introduced, but I would not change my preferences in the linked review even now on my iPad 3.]

Hawaiian Airlines adding iPad minis to Boeing 767 flights

Hawaiian Airlines customers will soon be able to include iPad minis as part of their in-flight entertainment options. The carrier will add the devices to its Boeing 767-300 flights beginning this Sunday (Sept. 1). The iPad minis will be complimentary …

iPad as Extra Monitor
Image by Selbe B
iPad used as an extra monitor, wirelessly.

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