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iOS 6 Panorama
ios 6
Image by Giant Ginkgo
Playing around with the new panorama feature in IOS 6, on my iPhone 4S… It is pretty awesome so far! The content detection system has also improved HDR photos significantly as well, there are less problems with moving objects getting weird features…

Apple iOS 6 Wins DOD Approval

ios 6
By adding Apple iOS 6 to the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) — a methodology for "locking down" information systems and software that might otherwise be vulnerable to attacks — the DOD has expanded the list of devices that it provides …

Jailbreak: top Cydia sources, tweaks, and iOS 6 app downloads in 2013

ios 6
iOS 6 jailbreakers have their work cut out for them, from having to hunt down their own cydia app store sources and identify their own cydia tweaks and downloads. Unlike with the iTunes Store there's no singular source and no one curating the store in …

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