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Negative SEO Case Study: How to Uncover an Attack Using a Backlink Audit

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Ever since Google launched the Penguin update back in April 2012, the SEO community has debated the impact of negative SEO, a practice whereby competitors can point hundreds or thousands of negative backlinks at a site with the intention of causing …

How to Change Your Name Without Ruining Your SEO

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There are plenty of factors to consider when debating whether to change your name — and most likely, search engine optimization (SEO) ranks pretty low on the list. But if you are someone who cares a lot about your brand online, a name change could …

How to Improve your Site's SEO

How to seo
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a pretty dry yet essential topic to most startups, so I've compiled some straightforward and easy to follow tips from various SEO experts. Dewi Nawasari, Search Marketing Manager at Autotrader defines SEO as a …

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