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Google Finally Supports Paid and Organic Co-Optimization

Google optimization
Google has now made it possible to "analyze and optimize your search footprint" with the new AdWords Paid & Organic report. Adding this functionality was a bit surprising, since Google has done all they can to stop co-optimization analysis from happening.

12 Ways to Optimize Press Releases & Avoid Google Penalties

Google optimization
Google's most recent update to their defintions of link schemes sent shockwaves through the SEO and online PR world; a real downer to link building strategists. It's true: the world's largest search engine called links in press releases "unnatural" and …

Mediasophia Announces Pre-Optimized Web Designs for Fast First Page

Google optimization
Mediasophia, an Internet marketing firm offering web design, organic search engine optimization and online reputation management, announces bringing small businesses big success with state of the art websites that are pre-optimized to quickly obtain …

Logo Optimization: A Local SEO Stealth Tactic

Google optimization
Google and other search engines are reading some meta data elements out of images' EXIF data, so it is possible to optimize the EXIF data of a logo, including adding a geolocation to the image. Be consistent with using the same logo image on Google+ …

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