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Moga unveils Rebel game controller for iOS devices

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The Moga Rebel intends to deliver the very best features of a tablet game controller alongside the added ability so that it can be used portably with the iPhone or iPod touch. Being comfortable to the touch, this high-quality, Bluetooth wireless …

9 Geeky Dorm Room Gadgets You'll Want For Your Home

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This back-to-school season, it's all about the technology. Whether it be your laptop, speaker system or note-taking aid, there's something new and fresh on the market that will instantly grab your attention as you peruse the aisles of Best Buy. It's …

Samsung NX1 announced

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Heck, the Samsung NX1 does not even fall into that particular category, where it comes across as an exceptionally fast compact system camera that will target professionals sharpshooters, boasting of best in class 15FPS continuous AF shooting, a unique …

New gadgets, coolest gadgets

coolest gadgets
It's raining gadgets in India these days. reminds us that six “hot new gadgets” are here. It lists the HTC One E8 (“the younger plastic sibling of the HTC One M8″); the hi-end laptop Toshiba Satellite P50t; the Samsung hi-end tablet …

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