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Last Major Update Of 2014 For Xbox One Brings Custom Backgrounds, Twitter Game Clip Sharing

The Xbox One might not be the best selling console of the modern generation — that honor belongs to Sony’s PlayStation 4 — but give Microsoft credit for continually improving the experience with frequent updates. Hundreds of new features have been added via 10 updates within the console’s first year, and this weekend, Xbox One owners will receive the last major upgrade of of 2014. What can you expect?

For one, Microsoft is adding custom backgrounds to the mix. Each account on your Xbox One console can have a background all their own, with choice of color as a theme or achievement art as the background image. Alternately, you can use the media Player app to pluck any JPG or PNG image off of a USB attached drive or home media server that supports DLNA.

Xbox One Share

Also new is the ability to share your location and bio as part of your profile. Use the Xbox One SmartGlass to browse other people’s profiles and view their showcase items. In addition, you can use the console to add or remove up to half a dozen game clips or achievements that will be displayed in a carousel format.

There are several other changes as well, like a new Trending tab in the OneGuide that displays the 20 most watched TV shows; Twitter TV trending (see what live TV is trending based on the number of related tweets); improvements to the Xbox One Store; SmartGlass Store improvements; Snap IE (a fan requested feature), and more.

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