Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review

The external storage market for mobile devices has grown exponentially since Kingston first came out with the Wi-Drive few years back. We’ve got OTG solutions and wireless storage solution from Seagate, Kingston and the ilk and today we take a look at Kingston’s MobileLite Wireless reader.

The first-generation MobileLite Wireless has a very neat and compact design that can easily fit in your pocket alongside your phone. The power button and three LEDs for battery, wireless and internet connectivity are placed adjacently while the SD card slot and a full-size USB port, microUSB port are placed on the sides.

Kingston’s Wi-Drive came with an embedded storage and though it’s a good thing to have, the device’s storage capability was a bit restrictive. MobileLite Wireless on the other hand, needs an external storage, which means users will need their own USB drive or the SD card. We tried the device with USB flash drive, an SD card and a 320GB external HDD and it worked flawlessly.

The MobileLite Wireless works in conjunction with the free app available on the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and making it work is really easy. Install the app, turn the MobileLite Wireless on and the app will automatically detect the device.

The app nicely segregates the content on the drive to videos, music, photos which you can play directly from the app or select to play with the app of your choice, copy, move or delete data from the phone storage to the connected wireless drive and vice versa.

The MobileLite Wireless can stream to up to Wi-Fi-enabled 3 devices at the same time, supports Wi-Fi network connection pass through for internet and even supports wireless security for users who want to keep the data on the MobileLite Wireless private.

The MobileLite Wireless is equipped with a 1810mAh battery that gives streaming for up to 5 hours but the good part of the device is that it can double up as a portable battery pack for the smartphone.

Kingston sells the MobileLite Wireless for a price of around Rs. 4,000 and if you’re looking for something that will play all the content from an external storage device without impacting the battery life, MobileLite Wireless will be a good buy.

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