Jays aJays Three Tangle Free Earphone Review


Jays aJays Three Tangle Free Earphone Review

Follow me on Twitter: http:www.twitter.com/techstops Review of the Jays aJays Three inner ear canal earphones.
earphone Video Rating: 4 / 5

Is there a way to sneak and wear one earphone during a Cancer Society 10 miler I am going to run soon?

I know for safety’s sake, you aren’t allowed to wear earphones/headphones while running races or marathons. But could I sneak with one earphone, just to have some music source? Maybe tuck it under a hat or something… It’s not like I am running this to win a prize, just for a sense of accomplishment, but I read that I risk disqualification with music.

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Answer by lindzy
Tuck the mp3 player or Ipod into your pocket or pants and let the put the earphones on beneath the shirt.

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