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ITS Technologies May Provide Better Travel In Exchange For Personal Data



As V2V and V2I technologies slowly make their way through the testing phase and into the mainstream, there could come a day when your commute will go more smoothly than it stands at the moment. That convenience, however, could come at the price of your personal information.


According to The Detroit News, industry officials in attendance at the 21st World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems in Detroit foresee a future where your car and the road have more in common with your smartphone than one may be comfortable experiencing. Though being able to avoid congested roads during rush hour may take some stress out of the work-day commute, there is the possibility for the Facebookification of your journey — filled with ads, ads and more ads — while governments track your every move for whatever reasons they may have.

However, a couple of industry insiders note V2V and V2I could be implemented without the need for personal data, as Continental Automotive senior vice president of interior electronic solutions Ralf Lenniger explains:

For most (intelligent transport system) functions, we don’t need personalized data. If cars are crossing a route, it’s not important who’s in the car, it’s important what’s across the street.

Other insiders agree, but add that such data would still bring the greatest benefit for ITS users, with the caveat that they be allowed to opt-in to gain those benefits.


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