Is there a program that automatically plays music for you when you log on to your Windows desktop?

Windows Desktop

Is there a program that automatically plays music for you when you log on to your Windows desktop?

It would be cool to hear your favorite song as you log into your Windows desktop. It would play automatically.

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Answer by Dean B
You cna either change the sytme sounds( bit fiddly and can go horribly wrong if you want to chage it) or add a shortcut of the song you want to be played to the Start-up folder: Start – Programs – Startup.
This will make the song play when windows boots up, you can also add program shortcuts here too, ie have media palyer n firefox added here so i can listen to my tunes n start browsing striaght away(ish).

p.s it will paly in media palyer(or Itunes or whatever, depending on the filetype) so it may take a few seconds ot a minute for it to start palying depednign on how quick your PC is to boot up fully)

Windows Desktop
windows desktop
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I use:
RocketDock which is set to auto hide
Samurize – with a modified glass config. This displays CPU/RAM usage, uptime, IP Address, Upload/Download rates, space remaining on my hard drives, and currently playing song info.
Wallpaper – I uses johns background switcher to change the wallpaper everyday from a folder containing wallpapers downloaded from
I have hidden the recycle bin and try to keep the desktop free of clutter!
I also use launchy

why windows desktop search sucks
windows desktop
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this is why

windows desktop
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my current desktop…for now.
for the ‘what’s on your desktop?’ group.

Windows Desktop Mod – Arc Reactor

Hope you guys liked the video! ? Because of copyright mediafire removed my link so here is another, it might not be the exact same as in the video but it st…
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