iPad mini и Необычное Поведение От Зарядки|{amazontitle}


iPad mini и Необычное Поведение От Зарядки

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How do I get my iPad to print to my wireless printer?

I have a iPad and a wireless printer which i hooked up to my wireless internet. However, when I searched for printers to print to on my iPad it came up with none. How can I get my iPad to recognize and pick up my wireless printers signal?


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Answer by Gary Minor
Have you updated the ios on your ipad (4.2)?
Is your printer on the list of printers airprint can print to?

If all else fails. What I did was purchase a small program called fingerprint that worked like a charm for $ 9 I have the HP 7200 series sitting on a network and this was one of the troubled printers.

Good Luck..

Here is a list of compliant printers:

Here is Finger Print Review:

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