Inner Mongolia: on the trail of adventure


Starting point for a trip in the uttermost impressive region of Inner Mongolia surely is its capital city,Hohhot. From there on you can find a wide range of tours through its breathtaking steppe and desert, that will let you experience new adventures a bit far from the most beaten tracks.

Hohhot is a glowing city, as much colorful and lively by day as by night. The streets resounds from the sound of music and market places, you will be able to find delicious snacks and typical food at every corner. If you are searching for some more relaxing spots, the city parks and small alleys may be the place for you. Qingcheng Park is a nice location for walking, paddling, go for a ride on the carousel or try its main attraction, the giant wheel. The view from up there is simply astonishing: check the city landmarks from above and pick where to go next.


It is not a long way to reach the temple of Five Pagodas, the most renowned one in town. Its relaxing atmosphere and colorful courtyard will let you loosely wander and catch some gorgeous snapshots of Mongolian traditions.

To the city highlights undoubtedly counts the Da Zhao Temple too. It is the largest one in Hohhot and displays a wonderful collection of both dragon sculptures and musical instruments.


You should also not be missing the Great Mosque of Hohhot. It is located closer to the Muslim quarter, northern from Da Zhao Temple, and can be reached from there in 10 minutes walking. Its structure is magnificent and stands out against the surroundings. You can surely check it from high on the giant wheel as well! Around the Great Mosque, the entire place is crowded with plenty of small bazaars and restaurants and filled from the smell of typical food stalls.

Hohhot offers some really amazing scenic spots and interesting historic and cultural sites. If you would like to explore the unspoilt landscapes surrounding the city, take part at a daily tour to the desert or a horse ride in the step. These are experiences that truly remain!

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