Indie GoGo fund introduces Ritot projection watch

An Indie GoGo campaign is introducing Ritot, the first ever projection smartwatch, an idea that it’s already seeing a great success.

The Ritot is a sleek, single band watch that looks similar to many fitness trackers, rather than an actual watch. But it projects the time in your selected format onto the hand, making it the first projection watch on the market.

Originally seeking $50,000 in funding, they have gone an astonishing $900,000 beyond that, already. This has allowed for some new goals to be put into place.

For example, they are now using those funds to create fitness tracking features, and to approve new colors.

Consumers can buy the watches in either sporty or jewelry fashions. All have the same sleek appearance, however, and still project the time the same way.

In addition to this feature, the Ritot will also notify users of messages and incoming calls, give social media alerts, connect to various apps, provide email and text messaging, and more. Think of it as the Samsung Gear, but not ridiculously overpriced, and better looking.

Indeed, it is fitting that it is a small company is making what might be the first truly feasible, attractive and worthwhile wearable tech device around. It has some way to go, of course. But with the additional funds leading to a fitness tracker being added to the list of capabilities, they will be sure to reach that point.

The only downside is that they do not yet have a fully functional protoype to review. The process of creating orders should be simple enough, and they have the design and functions down. But they are waiting until the end of the campaign to get to work.

Considering they were originally planning for $50,000 worth of the $120 watches and have reached close to a million dollars shows they were wise to do that. It also might be a bit more than they expected to be able to handle.

If you want to contribute to the campaign and get your own Ritot, you can do so on their official campaign. You can buy the devices in one, two or five, or ten sets, with increasing discounts the more you buy.

Or, if you want to become a seller, you can buy a wholesale package that gives you the rights to resell around the world. In which case you will be purchasing based on a special price several thousand below the future retail price they are planning for launch.

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