HP’s amazing Star Wars laptop is a computing Force to be reckoned with

Hewlett-Packard‘s amazing new laptop is a must for all Star Wars fans.

The 15-inch Star Wars Special Edition Notebook is covered in images of Stormtroopers and the X-wing Star Fighter Guidance System.


Benicio Del Toro wants a pink lightsaber in Star Wars: Episode 8

The keys light up lightsaber red and even the recycle bin icon is a Death Star.

All the usual sounds and beeps that come from laptops can be replaced with Star Wars sound effects too, so the whole laptop is customisable.


In terms of tech, it boasts 7 hours of battery life, up to 2TB of built-in storage, either an i5 or i7 6th generation Intel processor and up to 12GB of RAM can also be specified.

Gamers also have the option to choose Nvidia 940M graphics.

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