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How You Can Break Free from Addiction Now

10_31_Addiction1A. Scott Roberts, a leading expert on addiction, has developed a research-based program to help people break free from addiction. It’s a science-based approach that is not about making people who suffer from addictions feel like bad people or failures for doing behaviors that their brains have hardwired them to crave.

“If you ask anyone what addiction is, you will probably get a lot of random answers,” Roberts says. “Some call it a lack of willpower, a moral choice or even a ‘relapsing disease’ of the brain. There are many odd misconceptions about addiction and it is so widely misunderstood.”

For the most part, this misunderstanding of addiction means there are a lot of treatments for it that just don’t work. They aren’t based on evidence or research, so they really aren’t treating the problem. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways that do work. Roberts has a system that you can use to rewire your brain to keep you from repeating destructive behaviors.

Here is how Roberts’ clinical expertise comes into play. Our brains are structured in two basic parts: the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system. The prefrontal cortex is where all of our logical, thought-based behaviors come from. The limbic system is the more primal part of the brain, the same thing that we share with animals as simple as lizards and snails. The limbic system tells our bodies that we are doing something good for our survival—like eating or having sex—by rewarding our brains with positive feelings.The problem, says Roberts, is our brains. Addictions aren’t something that you can just suppress or wish away. The reason we become addicted to things like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, or any harmful behavior is because they trick our brains into thinking that they are helping us survive.

Most popular recovery programs that are already out there are not effective because they don’t understand this reward-based origin of addiction. They approach addiction as a moral failing, and as something that has to be forgiven. These recovery programs have no scientific basis and then claim to cure patients. These are the same people who eventually relapse and return to the same ineffective treatments.

What Roberts’ addiction-breaking techniques change is the misconception that you need to suppress cravings because they are wrong. There are ways you can work to change addictive thinking and stop yourself from continuing harmful behavior. Though it’s not the type of thing that will work overnight, A. Scott Roberts’ program is for people who are dedicated to changing their lives by moving past addiction to a real and lasting recovery.

Watch the free video below to see how A. Scott Roberts has made a real breakthrough in addiction recovery.

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