How to install mac os on normal laptop?

Mac OS

How to install mac os on normal laptop?

Currently my laptop runs on Windows 7 Ultimate.

I want to install Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. But the problem is that I have no experience with Mac at all. Can someone tell me how to install Mac on my laptop?

By the way, I do not have access to any Macbook/ other Mac installed device.

Please note that I do not want to run Mac on a virtual machine. I want to create a dual boot machine ( Windows 7 + Mac Lion ). Hopefully that is possible!

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Answer by Kiera
You can’t fix this. There’s basically no way you’re going to run Mac OS on your laptop laptop or computer. Getting OSX operating on a PC is possible, but only on certain PC’s with certain components adjustments. And even then, it’s very challenging.

I’m not trying to criticise you, but the truth that you mix up a generate with a car owner indicates you don’t have the specialized encounter to even effort this.

Even if you could get OSX onto your program, it’s not developed to combined start with anything, so you’d need to create your own start changing program that modified categories from being dynamic to non-active (only one can be dynamic at the same period – you start from the dynamic partition) and you’d probably need to create your own components individuals for OSX as none of your netbook’s components will have OSX individuals, such as your video card, audio card, etc.

Your program just isn’t developed to run OSX and OSX isn’t developed to run on your program. Think about trying to set up Ms windows XP on a Mac. Well, you’re trying to do the same factor backwards.

Chances are that if you go forward with this you’re going to eliminate your Ms windows partition at the very least and probably keep your laptop laptop or computer non-functional.

If you really want a go at this, I’d recommend that you have a look at PearPC. It’s an emulator that will allow you to run OSX on any PC. It’s doesn’t run incredibly well (30% of brand rate at best), but it doesn’t include doing anything that can separate your laptop or computer. You don’t need any categories or anything strange like that either.

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