How do I connect a macbook pro to a lg hd tv?

How do I connect a macbook pro to a lg hd tv?

I would like to play games that are on my macbook pro on the tv since it’s bigger and it’s in high definition. Also, doing daily tasks like microsoft office would be cool to do it from my mac. I want the same material from the macbook screen to show up on my lg hd tv. Thanks!
On the website it says that apple tv can do simple things like stream video, photos, and music wirelessly but not anything like playing games. That is only for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone… I think it’s with an hdmi cable but I don’t know what is called.

If someone finds out what cable I can connect to the tv and what is called then it will be best answer!!!
Also where the product is from the official apple store. Not a cheap knockoff. Thank you!!!

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