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he Essential Work Of A Pre-Workout Supplement

Your body goes right to your stores of protein for energy when you work out. That might seem a little alarming, but it is true. Protein, as any fitness freak knows, is that your lean muscle is made out of. That means that you are eating away at the very things you are trying to build. If you just walk into a gym and pick up a weight then you are not getting the most out of your workouts. You need the proper pre workout nutrition and the best way to get this is through the right supplements.

Your Workout Starts Well Before You Hit The Gym

pyramid-of-pills-300x198You need to be priming your body with the right vitamins and nutrients up to two hours before you get to the gym. You want your body to eat up the fat on your body when you work out, but, with poor nutrition, your body will go after your blood sugar and protein first. So, you don’t want a surplus of those things before you work out.

The Role Of Blood Sugar

You should prime your body by eating nothing but the right supplements up to two hours before the gym. You want to stay away from all things carbohydrate before a workout because those nasty little things are easily converted to blood sugar. You would work out, your body would freak out, convert the carbs and burn them without touching the fat on your body. Unfortunately, without eating, you won’t have the right nutrients in your body for a good workout. This is bad in all sorts of ways.

Your Body Can Catabolize Your Muscle

When your body lacks sugar it will turn to protein and the amino acids that build protein to create energy. This destroys your muscles and you want to avoid this. This is where the supplement comes in. A good pre workout supplement will be full of these muscle building amino acids, so that when the body turns to the muscle for energy there is a surplus of these acids. The body will take the available acids and convert them into energy while leaving your muscles untouched.

Fat Is The Third Energy Source The Body Turns To

Once your body is through the protein and amino acid catabolism it will then turn to your body’s fat. This means your workout will have some real progress. Your untouched lean muscle mass will show through when your fat recedes. You can then load up on carbs after the workout in order to replenish your tired body and mind. The right pre workout supplements can have you burning fat and building lean muscle like a professional athlete.

Of course, before you spend any of your hard-earned money on energy supplements or the like, you should take a little time to comparison of the different manufacturers to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product available. If a product makes promises that sound too good to be true, they probably are. This means that it is up to you, as the consumer, to use some good common sense in order to separate the products actually work and provide you with real results from those that are designed to do little more than separate you from your money.

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