Hangzhou Song Dynasty Town –A Travel through time and space

I have been to Hangzhou several times because of the needs of work. Last week I went to Hangzhou again.So this time I went to a place that some people will forget usually.This place is Song Dynasty  town. I get information about there was on a blog and I search some more after that.It is a town that copy the Song dynasty town.


The Song Dynasty Town is very far from my hotel,so I went there by the bus.I have heard that the show named ¡®the eternal love of Song Dynasty Town¡¯ is very popular and I bought the ticket in advance already.


I can feel the sense of lively even at the entrance of Song Dynasty Town.A lot of family came here happily.Go into the town,the scenery is very changeable,the brick ,the pavilion,all the things here are copy the Song dynasty town.In the street,I can see some people wear the Song clothes and take photo with tourists.They are very professional and friendly. It is time to watch the show and I went to the theater with o lot of people.The show is very fantastic and the audience all applause and cheer.

The Song Dynasty town built a ancient wall along the zhijiang road and enter the scenic spot bypass the wall. A river flowing along the wall,the street along the river is very prosperous.But the shops are all closing,maybe because of no owner.It make people feel a little sad.There are some shops in the downtown,such as Iron shop,Wine room,Dyer and some snack shops.The shop assistants selling something to the tourists wearing the ancient costume.It make people feel came back to the ancient street.Some people are perform conjuring tricks and shadow play.I see a staff performing seizing Wusong wearing the ancient uniform.Another corner ,some staff are fixing up the scene for the itinerant entertainer.There are several unique small house under the wall,some are tilt,some are inversion.Some tourist came in to and see the house out of inquisitive.The build of Song Dynasty  town was affected by the painting Qingming scroll of the painter Zhang zheduan.The ancient in the spot is copy the town ib the painting,the bridge almost as like as two peats.The different is that the tower change to lounge bridge.


Night falls,I must come back to the hotel.If I have another time,I will be back again to visit the beautiful ancient Song Dynasty town.I hope you can come here and have a fun time.

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