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Hangzhou Dishes: To Die For!


It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you see Hangzhou as a female, you will definitely head over heels for her! The local dishes here are noted for their elaborate preparation, sophisticated cooking and refreshing taste. There are a lot, but I’ll just name a few. Just the ones I tried and found most sumptuous!

1. Dongpo Pork- named after a famous poet who was also appointed Governor of Hangzhou twice! At one time, the people were so happy, they presented him many gifts such as pigs and wine. Being humble of heart, Dongpo ordered his men to slaughter the pigs and cook them in the wine to give to the people. It turned out to be most tempting! In gratitude, the people favorably called it Dongpo pork! It is limp, soft and easily melted in the tongue. It was also quite cheap for such a large portion!

2. Beggar’s Chicken- The most famous of all the Hangzhou dishes. It got its name from a story when an emperor once took a ride out in the country and was able to smell something delicious. He ordered his men to trace the scent and found an old beggar roasting a chicken. I guess we have to pay tribute to the beggar for such a mouth-watering delicacy! It is stuffed with fillet, onion, ginger and other spices. Yum-yum!
3. Sweet and Sour Carp- This dish is definitely to die for. Because if you don’t be careful, you just might have a needle-like fish bone stuck in your throat! But this is the fun without the danger! The meat is so tender and the sauce that it’s cooked in is spicy! It’ll leave you mouth watering! Ha ha ha!


One of the most important parts of traveling is tasting the delicacies. Many local specialties will be sure to make your visit a cultural experience. If you want to taste authentic flavor of Hangzhou dishes why not go? Book Hangzhou Tours now and taste delicious local dishes.

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