Google’s new app Inbox brings Google Now styled filters to your email

Google has debuted a new email filtering app called Inbox which compiles pieces of information from your Gmail account and groups them together for faster access. It allows you to quickly find travel plans, photos, documents, or event information with a quick swipe of your finger.

It doesn’t just stop at grouping your emails, however. Using real time information from the web it will update you with extra information. Is your flight delayed? Inbox will let you know by how much. Did your package delivery arrive? Inbox will tell you when the tracking number says it was delivered.

In addition to its promised filtering power the app also allows users to set reminders within the app for things like flights, bills, or events. With all of the clutter in modern email inboxes it’s incredibly easy to lose track of important things. This app is a promising solution to keeping track of all your important emails without having to take the time to do specific filtering or create folders.

Currently Inbox is only available via invite by Google, but you can download the app right now in the iTunes store. To request an invite just send an email to [email protected]

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