Google confirms it isn’t selling the Nexus 5 anymore


If you want the Nexus 5, you won’t find it in the new Google Store.

Google confirmed it’s done selling the last-generation flagship, a real downer for those who want a stock Android device that’s a more practical size (and price) than the Nexus 6. While our Nexus 6 review found a lot to like in this gargantuan sized phone, it’s definitely not for everyone.

If mining the used phone market for a Nexus 5 or recently retired Google Play Editiondevice isn’t for you, then let us offer some alternatives:

If it’s the stock Android experience and timely updates you’re after, the Moto X is a solid option. With a 5.2 inch 1080p AMOLED screen it’s a real looker, and the few add-ons Motorola includes are pretty helpful, like its Moto Assist features. Although like the Nexus 5, the camera is still subpar. On the upside, the dedicated Motorola update tracker sitekeeps you better informed about when your phone will see the latest flavor of Android.

Our favorite phone from last year was the HTC One M8, which can probably be had for a decent price since it’s about a year old. HTC takes updates seriously, pledging to bring them to its top-of-the-line phones within 90 days of release. It slipped a little this time due to some Lollipop bugs, but you could do far worse than going with HTC.

Also, don’t forget there is a new HTC One M9 and Galaxy S6 making their way to your favorite carrier soon. They both ship with Android Lollipop, and Samsung has seriously dialed back its infamous TouchWiz to enable faster performance.

The impact on you: Unfortunately because the new Google Store doesn’t offer as many stock Android devices as Google Play used to, you’ll need to do some research for your next phone. However, a lot of Android users tend to be pretty savvy about Google’s updates to Android, and such clamoring has pushed carriers and manufacturers to be more transparent about delivering timely updates.

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