Facebook’s new Crisis Response hub combines all its best emergency tools

Facebook today announced a new Crisis Response hub page to keep all its emergency features in one place.

Facebook has periodically added tools to help with emergencies ever since it introduced Safety Check back in 2014, but it could be a bit of a pain to actually find them when you want to help or let others know you’re safe. Crisis Response solves that by providing a central location for these features. Those include:

  • The aforementioned safety check, which will show up at the top of the hub if you’re in an affected area
  • Links to helpful crisis-related articles, photos, and videos
  • A community help feature that lets you ask for and give crisis advice
  • Fundraisers to donate to people affected by the crisis and nonprofits helping with relief efforts.

You can access the Crisis response page from your home page on the desktop or by tapping the menu button on mobile devices – the feature is rolling out in the coming weeks. It’s a small new feature, but one that will hopefully make it a lot easier and faster for people to get the help they need.

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