Facebook introduces natural disaster check-up


Worried about not being able to contact friends and family when a natural disaster strikes?

Facebook is set to make post-quake, post-tsunami or post-bushfire checking on loved ones that extra bit easier with the launch of its Safety Check service.

Based on the last known location of Facebook users, the service will send out an alert to those near where a natural disaster has struck.

A notification will then go thorough to those Facebook users asking if they are safe.

If a user responds positively, Facebook will then generate a news feed story saying that person is safe.

If Facebook wrongly thinks a user is near to a disaster, there will also be an option to say you’re outside of the affected area.

Facebook said it had looked at the impact of the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami and how users had used Facebook during it.

The social network developed a Disaster Message Board as a result, which has since been expanded into the Safety Check service.

Safety Check will be available on Facebook’s Android, iOS and feature phone apps as well as for the desktop site.

Though Facebook is yet to reveal a release date for the service, perhaps it shows Mark Zuckerberg does care about us after all.

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