Drop’s Newest ‘LOTR’ Mechanical Keyboard Features the Eye of Sauron

A closeup on the Eye of Sauron graphic on the Drop LOTR Black Speech mechanical keyboard.

After launching its Elvish and Dwarvish mechanical keyboards, DROP is back with a new Mordor-themed Black Speech keyboard. It features a dastardly design with the Eye of Sauron, Black Speech keycaps (based on the language of Mordor), and an inscription from The One Ring.

This is the third mechanical keyboard in the Drop + Lord of the Rings series. And it follows the same formula as the other entries—a tenkeyless layout, a customized aluminum chassis, Holy Panda X switches, Drop Phantom stabilizers, and a custom keycap set. Notably, it’s a wired USB-C keyboard, rather than a Bluetooth device.

Drop sells fully-assembled versions of this keyboard, which include a set of training keycaps to help you adjust to the Black Speech language (training keycaps feature both English and Dark Speech script). Interestingly, the spacebar has an inscription from The One Ring, and “artisan keycaps” are available to users who want an extra bit of flair (at an extra price).

The Drop + LOTR Black Speech keyboard is now available for $199. Note that this keyboard comes with a three-year warranty, and users can buy additional LOTR keycaps from the Drop website.

Source: Drop

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