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Delicious Hangzhou Dishes

Hangzhou is a culinary hotspot in China. In fact, the cuisine of Zhejiang Province is praised as one of China’s eight greatest culinary traditions, leaving plenty of incentive for restaurants to perfect age-old recipes.

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Hangzhou dishes are best representative of Zhejiang cuisine, which is one of the eight representative local cuisines of China. Hangzhou dishes are noted for its elaborate preparations, sophisticated way of cooking and its most refreshing taste. It is not only delicious, but extremely elegant in appearance also so beautiful as to equal the Hangzhou landscape.


Freshwater fish including eels and crustaceans are featured prominently in local dishes. Infusions of Longing tea, ginger and soybean milk are also common. Beggar’s chicken, baked in an earthen oven, is a land-based specialty featured on menus across the city. West Lake vinegar fish and fried shrimp are also popular.
The modern commercial district has plenty of national chains and more than a few Western fast-food restaurants. That aside, most tourists focus on the lakeside where there are atmospheric, historic restaurants abound.

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