Corsair introduces a new look, customers react with a petition

Corsair has unveiled a new look which will be used to market a specific segment of products, such as keyboards and mice targeted to gamers. However, it is being met with quite a bit of criticism online, with people referring to it as “childish” and that it looks like a “tramp stamp”. So what does the new logo look like?


Many of Corsair’s customers claim that one of the reasons they chose their hardware in the first place was due to the more subdued image their products portrayed. The main issue people take with this change is that many of the products they were previously interested in will carry the new look:


Along with the recently launched K series RGB keyboards, the M65 mouse will only be sold with the new logo from now on.

It looks like other products will carry the original look – the main site still has the sail logo, along with their memory, power supplies, and other non “gaming” products. Of course, most of these would be hidden anyway – the idea of having a “tramp stamp” staring back at them from their mouse and/or keyboard is what has so many people upset.

In reaction to this look, customers have set up an online petition to show Corsair they aren’t happy with the change. I’m sure they simply want to get the message across. From there, it’s up to Corsair to decide how they will handle this.

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