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Jogger in Kapiolani Park
Fitness Routines
Image by Chris Hunkeler
One of many people enjoying their evening fitness routine outdoors in Waikiki. People were doing yoga, group exercises on the beach, using outdoor exercise equipment, playing soccer, surfing, bicycling, volleyball, walking, jogging and running.

Nerdercise Fitness training (underpants optional)
Fitness Routines
Image by 4lfie

Over the years I’ve had gym contracts, gone running, tried to cycle
more often. I even tried skipping once. Nothing really worked for me,
mainly because it was really boring. Then there is the tedium of
actually having to *go* somewhere to exercise, a total pain. For the
last 5 years or so I have mostly worked from home. That situation has
an implicit proximity to snacks, and a marked lack of reason to shift
ones arse very often.

I’ve kind of figured out a method that works for me. It works for me
because it takes advantage and makes virtue of my nerd-like existence.
I started about a month ago and am much fitter, happier and healthier.
Here’s all you need:

an exercise bike (mid range, about £100, Amazon)

a pair of 4.5kg dumbells(turned out I only need the one so give
me a shout if you want the other)
5lb ankle weights (optional but v. useful)
Underpants (optional, but I recommend them and hey, if you’re
like me you’re probably sitting in them right now so, handy!)

a computer

the internet
a printer (or access to one)

favourite TV shows (the more mega-movie length the better, The
Wire/Sopranos/West Wing ideal at 40 minute + run-time)

a floor
video player software

Every day at what would otherwise be my lunchtime (no-one else is
really working at 1pm so you’re unlikely to miss many emails) I wheel
out my bike, plonk it in front of my monitor and load up the latest
episode of Dexter, Mad Men, House, Fringe, Flash Forward etc.

For the next 35 minutes I am mostly unaware of my body churning through
15km of cycling, sweat dripping, and the 350 calories burned as I focus
on the show. The cycle finished I go to the printed sheet of where I am
in my 100 Push-ups or 200 Sit-ups schedule (I
alternate each day) and start doing them on the floor in front of my
computer (I have a mat but you don’t really need one). After each rep
(less than 30 seconds each) you rest for 60 seconds, during which I
re-focus on the show (I’ve been listening of course) and then continue
to finish.

This puts you almost perfectly at the end of a 42 minute show. On the
weekends I switch to shows like Community, Californication and Bored to
Death as they are shorter at 25-30 minutes and so I get a bit of a
workout  but nothing too strenuous (I don’t do pushups/situps on the

After a week or so your brain should have conflated exercise with TV
Nerd pleasure
, so you find yourself looking at the time to see if
you can get your bike out. Heck, sometimes I can’t stand the
anticipation so get it out early (have you *seen* the latest episode of
Mad Men!?). As opposed to *any* other exercise routine I’ve tried to
get into in the past (skateboarding excluded – aside from the pain
that’s pure pleasure for me) this one has actually worked. Not only is
daily exercise of greater than 30 minutes part of my routine, it is
something I both look forward to and find pleasurable. And there you
have it, being a TV nerd could be the best thing that’s happened to
your general health and well-being since those 3 evenings you made it
to the gym you still pay for and never visit.

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