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Image by rjoseph
Compares the relative storage densities as they relate to price for all current Apple iPod’s. Inspiried by today’s release of the ultra-tiny Nano, general curiosity, and a lot of boredom.

The density figures show the storage density as gigabytes per ounces (gb / oz) or gigabytes per cubic inches (gb / in^3), all normalized by dividing price into the density. So for the in^3 data, we’re looking at the price per amount of bits in a given volume, or price per "bit density," if you will. For the ounces data, it’s instead the price per "bits per mass" or "specific capacity," if you’re really willing to use some physics jargon (Gabe’s fault, not mine).

The real motivation here was to compare the sizes (in both volume and mass) of all the iPods with respect to something we can all understand, money!

Major thanks to Gabe Rockefeller for helping out quite a bit with this work!

The raw data — columns are size (in GB, figure the model out yourself), price/GB, price/(GB/oz), and price/(GB/in^3):

.512 || 193.35 || 150.81 || 206.35
1 || 129.00 || 100.62 || 137.67
2 || 99.50 || 149.25 || 150.44
4 || 62.25 || 93.38 || 94.12
20 || 14.95 || 88.21 || 92.68
60 || 6.65 || 42.56 || 49.08

Smart FM Transmitter & Car Handsfree Kit 4 iPhone/iPods
iPod models
Image by Electronics4sale
This AllKit model works as an FM Transmitter for all Dock port iPod models;
4iPhone- this Allkit allows you to use it as a full in card Handsfree system as well as a music player.

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