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Some cool Exercise Tips images:

Corporals Leadership Course Week Three: Carrying on the legacy of leadership
Exercise Tips
Image by CherryPoint
Cpl. Aaron E. Johnson, a student with Cherry Point Corporals Leadership Course Class 274-12, struggles through a crawling exercise during a physical training session at the air station physical fitness test course Aug 29.The last week of the course focused on practical application and combat leadership. During the last week, the corporals drew fire sketch plans, conducted land navigation exercises and wrote a five-paragraph order.

First butterfly of the year
Exercise Tips
Image by Cath in Dorset
This orange tip butterfly was the first butterfly to appear in our garden this year. I went chasing round the garden after it (good exercise for me!) until it finally came to rest for a while on a dying daffodil head.

Nature calls
Exercise Tips
Image by Let Ideas Compete
Björkvik, Sweden.

This is where the kayak trip started. Beautiful, yes? About 100 yards from here, I saw an unusual waterfowl but couldn’t get close enough for a good picture. I think it was a Skäggdopping, a Great Crested Grebe.

This bay is sheltered from the wind but as you kayak around the island in the background (actually, it’s not quite an island since there’s a narrow strip of land that connects it to the mainland) the wind can be quite strong. I kayaked in wind waves about 2 feet high.

For more information on the archipelago, click here or here.

Kayaking in the Stockholm archipelago is a wonderful hobby. I hope to return there someday and take a multi-day tour.

As of Feb 6, 2012, this photo would show up on the third page if you search Flickr with the keywords "stockholm archipelago" and click in "interesting." I’ve tried my best to get on the first page but it’s in your hands now. View it, fav it, blog it, comment on it.

However, if you search on "stockholm archipelago kayaking" and click on "interesting", it’s on the first page.

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