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Day 224: Dreaming In Azul
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Image by ♥KatB Photography♥
January 6, 2010
So I have gone the last few days putting "2009" in my date and not realizing it. I’m not sure if anyone else caught it but I went through and changed them all last night when I realized it.

Anyway, I actually rolled out of bed today at 10:45 and the very first thing I did was take pictures. I did something else and it didn’t turn out too well. Just goes to show you…don’t take pictures when you just rolled out of bed! lol But it did help to propel this idea. I also remember seeing it be done by someone else only without the socks. Of course hers was so much better but ah well.

Basically, I’m dreaming of a blue sky. It has done nothing but snow since I got here and I know I’m just going to return to more snow. But oh…a blue sky with a sun! I almost forget what the sun looks like. So I’ll just go right ahead and hang some on my wall. Mother nature misses her spring time…

So for editing (for anyone who is curious) I had a lot of it to do. I had to clone the sheet onto the wall so it filled up the entire picture. I then had to get rid of the air vent along with a rug I was standing on. I had to make it lighter (since the lighting in my room is terrible….I had the top light on, my lamp on, AND the curtains to the windows open and it was still dark) and actually like the shadow effect I got. Then I lightened my skin and used a soft glow effect. Then I selective colored it all and made the saturation much higher. (Oh and I created the sky myself…I used a very blurry filled in sky background and then added the clouds with some brushes I downloaded from GIMP) However, there was a problem! There was pink in my socks (due to the purple stripes) so I had to select each one and take out the red. I also lightened them to make them better match the sky. I also had to smooth out my legs…since in real life they’re not this smooth ?

Whew! I also have the color one but I liked this one better. I’ll post the colored one only because the maroon background looks nice against the blue sky!

A must see on BLACK

I’m so proud! Almost 100 views the first day I posted this ? woot! Celebrating my small steps and progressions.

TRF: I got up to my room last night at about 2:30 AM and just burst out sobbing because I miss Garry so much. The next time I’ll see him MAY be sometime in May…so we’ll have gone at LEAST 9 months without seeing one another before it’s all said and done. Ugh…

January 2: Bublets!
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Image by gwen
Not taken in New Orleans but I was looking up the product and it seems quite a few people have fond holiday memories of Bublets so I thought I’d share…if anyone can narrow down the date of the package, I’d love to know.

A couple mint tins found at an estate sale in Alameda, California. Both containing mints from who-knows-when. I’m guessing the 1950s?
Elmer’s New Orleans
Mint Bublets
"Light as bubbles"
[half eaten. relatively intact.]

Société Mellow Mints
Imperial Candy Co.
Seattle, Wash.
[can still sealed. There is a note on the side that says "keep can closed to preserve quality" so they’re probably still edible, right?]

Western Marsh Harrier female
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Image by Lip Kee
Western Marsh Harrier – female
Circus aeruginosus aeruginosus
Location: Uran mudflats, Mumbai, India
Date : 25 September 2005

Alt. Names: Eurasian Marsh Harrier, European Marsh Harrier, European Marsh-Harrier, Marsh Harrier, Northern Marsh Harrier, Swamp Harrier


Tip O’Neill’s office at Bapst Library
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Image by Burns Library, Boston College
Photographer: Gary Wayne Gilbert
Date: [198904?]
Genre: black-and-white prints (photographs)
Size of original: 21.5 x 17.2 cm.
Digital origin: Reformatted digital
Source of title: Subject/Event Label
Image Identifier: bc0000028

Dowsett Road Dumping 12 October 2008
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Image by Alan Stanton
Haringey residents can report problems such as dumping, street light faults, and many others, though the Report-a-Problem page on Haringey’s website. Here’s the link.

Give your email address to get an acknowledgement and reference number – as in the example below – in case you need to follow-up.

—– Original Message —–
Problem Reference ID : HC-057134
Date and Time Submitted : 19/10/2008, 19:56
Description : Please see the photo which I’ve posted on Flickr. It shows dumped white chipboard and small plastic bags of domestic waste outside the sealed-up entrance to 36 Dowsett Road N17

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