Chengdu: “pandas’ city” with all the makings of a good life


At first sight Chengdu may look like the typical newly developed, industrial Chinese city. But do not let yourself be deceived by its appearance, cause behind its skyscrapers and modern houses lies a city of warm-hearted people and friendly traditions.

In Chengdu, life seems to flow with a slower rhythm: people tend to take their time and enjoy little things, like walking down the river, sitting in parks or just amusing themselves with chatting, eating, drinking tea and playing Mahjong. In a way, everything here makes you more appreciate the small pleasures of life.


The strong point of the city is made up by the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, situated at the edge of town. Visitors willing to see these lazy, though so much cute animals in a location almost resembling their natural habitat, may find the right place here. The park is hosting more than 50 adult giant pandas and panda cubs, together with several red pandas.

Beside the Panda Base, the city centre is also really much worth visiting. Some particular areas of town, like the ancient street of Jinli, let shine through how the city may have once looked like. Plenty of traditional temples, parks and picturesque streets let the visitor finally take a break from everyday life’s busyness and indulge in some rest for the soul.

A visit to Jinli ancient street actually combines the chance to delve into this atmosphere, not least by tasting some great local food from the snack stalls along the way, and to visit Wuhou Shrine, a temple of historical significance, which inside hosts a museum with the relics of the Three Kingdoms of China.


If one would like to take a look at Chengdu inner-city parks too, the Wangjiang Park is well worth seeing. Though it apparently does not belong to the typical touristic hotspots, this park definitely deserves a visit. By taking a stroll inside the park, one can gain an insight into Chinese traditional, leisure-time habits: lots of elderly people juggling, practicing Taiji or playing instruments use to gather and spend some time together here. Middle of the park is the Wangjiang pavillon: from up there one can catch a great view of the river and the surroundings, which is particularly amazing in the sunset light.

Take a chance to visit Chengdu and its surroundings!

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