Charting the hill that WP 8.1 has to climb to get decent battery life (vs …

MWC 2009: Symbian spaceman
Image by pinelife
Symbian Foundation hospitality suite, Mobile World Congress 2009, Barcelona

Image by apyykko
la 21.04.2007 18:36 21042007334 C++ with a Twist of Horsesit

Charting the hill that WP 8.1 has to climb to get decent battery life (vs

"It's just got to get me through the day" is something often heard in relation to smartphones. And it's something that's very true – almost everyone has at least one opportunity in each 24 hour period to plug and charge a smartphone up. But, in an …

What's in a name? Lumia, HERE? Timing, brands, and…. conspiracy?

Yet I'm fascinated by the timing of the various name and brand changes – it's clear that every time something changed, whether Maps/Drive or from Nokia's Symbian smartphones to something more future-proof, the writing was on the wall for anyone with …

Free Download Messenger Apps – Viber or WhatsApp?

Viber is downloadable and supported throughout iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Bada and Nokia. Whereas the competitor, WhatsApp is almost similar with support on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia S40, and Symbian. As you …

Game on for BlackBerry

World Wide Worx's April report – the State of the Digital Nation – notes of the 16.3 million smartphones in the market last year, BlackBerry had 5.7 million, followed by Symbian as an OS at 4.1 million and Android at 3.9 million. However, by 2015 …

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