Challenge yourself: Climb Mount Tai

Without challenges one’s life would be boring. If  you want to experience the excellent feeling described in a famous saying by the poet Sushi of the Song Dynasty – “Reach the top and hold other mountains in a single glimpse” – then Mount Tai is your first choice.
Mount Tai is a mountain of historical and cultural significance located north of Tai’an, Shandong. It’s honored as the foremost of China’s five famous mountains. In 1987, Mount Tai was included in the “World Cultural and Natural Heritage” list by UNESCO.
Mount Tai is renowned for its grandeur and magnificence. The prominent peak, Yuhuang Peak, is 1,545 meters high and the steepest. Standing on top of it , everything is within your sight and the most exciting thing is to watch the sun rise. Every year thousands of people climb Mount Tai to realize their dream of going the highest, and what’s more, challenging themselves. They often start their journey at midnight and keep climbing step by step,  drinking in the spectacular historical and natural spots around them. Along the way, many people tire or  become fearful and they quit  halfway up. But more people choose to  continue after  a short rest. They  and encourage  themselves to complete their “hope journey”. When they reach the top, they deserve to appreciate  the splendid sunrise.
In Chinese history Mount Tai is associated with sunrise, birth and renewal. In 219 BC, Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, held a ceremony on the summit and proclaimed the unity of his empire in a famous inscription. Over time, many emperors reach the top  to pay homage to heaven and earth in the Fengshan Sacrifices, to strengthen their reign. In modern times, people often regard it as a holy place to ponder, challenge and develop.
If you want to climb Mount Tai successfully, a strong will is a must. But you also need  a healthy body and must be fully prepared.  A climbing stick, a  flashlight, and some simple energy bars and water are needed.  Also, check the weather in advance.

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