Céline Gets the Celebrity Treatment From Rihanna and Rachel Weisz

All the places one might expect to see a Céline frock, on the back of a celebrity isn’t one. The e-commerce-  and social media-averse house typically shies away from dressing stars, opting to keep its famous endorsements to its ads featuring Joan Didion, Daria Werbowy, and similar girl-crush-worthy ilk. 

Over the past weekend, however, Céline upped its celebrity game with not one, but two stars spotted in Spring 2015 looks. First, Rachel Weisz sported the label’s floral jumpsuit at the Sarasota Film Festival, where she was on hand to promote the movie Radiator, which she executive-produced. Two days later, Rihanna posted a photo of herself in a similar jumpsuit to her Instagram, calling out the brand in the caption. 

Whether this is a sign of a changing brand strategy or just a serendipitous coincidence is unclear. For the past two seasons, Céline has made an effort to jazz up its campaigns, casting Marisa Tomei in its Fall 2014 ads and Joan Didion in its Spring ones, the latter of which caused a widespread Internet frenzy. While Weisz was lent the look to wear for the Sarasota event—presumably Rihanna purchased hers, as it was for personal, not professional, use—Céline’s representation wouldn’t comment as to what went into the decision to lend her the outfit. (Typically, celebrity sample requests come along with several back-and-forth e-mails explaining the who, what, where, when, and why of the sample’s usage, and most brands’ decisions to loan garments are carefully calculated.) New strategy or not, Céline will still surely benefit from the actress’ and singer’s endorsements…though Rihanna and Weisz fans will just have to make the in-person trek to a Céline store to find out more about the pair’s latest looks. 

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