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Breakfast Around the World

Breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day. I’m a morning person, so that first coffee and something to eat are very welcome, particularly if I’m sitting overlooking a beach or a town waking up. You can never have enough food porn so here is our round-up of amazing and less-amazing breakfast around the world.  This is just a small selection of the various wake up meals we’ve had in the last year or so, we’re looking forward to more great food experiences.

We try to seek out local specialities as we go, life is more interesting that way. Some we love, some we hate, but we’ll give them all a go. What do you think? Do you like to try new things or stick to what you know when you travel?

Breakfast Around the World

1. Great Britain


The Great British breakfast will certainly keep you going all morning. We had a full English every morning while staying in hotels in Britain. We thought it was great value, room and a breakfast this size for around 10 pounds each. Cereal, fruit, juices, toast, teas and coffees were also included.

2. Malaysia


Nasi Lemak wasn’t for us. Nasi means rice, nasi lemak means fat rice. In this dish the rice comes with the red sauce ( sambal), cucumber slices, a hard-boiled egg, peanuts and those fiendish little dried fish. I’m a big fan of anchovies, but these weren’t what we in the west love for their oily saltyness. We found the sauce too sweet and lacking in spice. Nasi lemak comes in plenty of varieties, you should able to find one that suits you. For other breakfast dishes in Malaysia try this post about food options on Penang.

3. El Savador


In El Salvador you’ll find pupusas, yummy little corn-based flat cakes filled with cheese, beans or chicharron ( a pork cracking mixture). They usually come with tomato sauce and a sort of vinegar soaked coleslaw. We like pupusas a lot, the kids dig them too.

4.Sri Lanka


Forgive me for going on about how much I love Sri Lankan breakfasts ( read more here), but they totally rock my world. Chef and the kids are big fans too.

5. Guatemala


Breakfast typicos is Guatemala, eggs, beans and fried plantains. The home-made bread was a bonus at Cool Beans in Flores, Guatemala. I joke about being over beans, they do serve them with everything in Central Americ, but they’re really good.

6. Australia


Eggs Florentine was always my pick when we went out to breakfast back home in Port Douglas. This was the last one we had before we left 10 months ago. I guess it’s a fairly typical Australian restaurant breakfast, I can’t think of anything uniquely Aussie. Most of the hotels in Port had buffets with the usual western dishes, often with miso soup for our Asian visitors, it’s good, but it’ll cost you a fair bit. When the four of us went out for breakfast we’d pay $40-$50 upwards with drinks.

7. Cruise Ship


On a cruise ship you can have anything you like for breakfast, so long as you don’t want Asian. Made to order omelets with lots of vegetables or smoked salmon with capers and lemon were my favourite but if you wanted ice cream, bacon and egg pizza or something resembling desert ( the above was Chef’s breakfast), it was your lucky day! Endless choices from a buffet that changed daily. Read about finding a budget cruise here, our next is costing us just $30/day.

8. USA


Breakfasts in cheap hotels during our 1 month USA road trip weren’t the best, but they filled a hole. This was one of the better ones, they were mostly highly processed carbs. Eggs, even this microwaved variety, were rare. A lot of places had waffle machines, most had oranges or apples, cakes and other sweet things were common. Coffee was always free, all day. That’s got to be good!

9. India


OK, so we haven’t been to India yet on this trip, but we found some awesome Indian food in Malaysia, as good as, if not better than, anything we’ve had in India on our previous visits. Dosa, roti, vada or idli with sambar and coconut chutney are very typical of Southern India and they are delicious.

10. Laos


In Laos, like most places on the backpacker trail, you can get just about anything for breakfast, we had cheese and onion roti, baguettes, excellent shakshuka, (an Israeli egg dish with vegetables), tofu with chilies and ginger and this yummy vegetable noodle soup bought from a street stall. I guess this is the most typically Laos dish of the bunch.

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