Blink, the latest thing in home monitoring and alert niche


Blink, a Kickstarter campaign, has just hit over $195,000 beyond their goal. What has people so excited? A wireless home monitoring and alert system that hands control over to the home owners.

If you have ever wished you could monitor your home, whether it is a house or apartment, from anywhere, this is a great tool for you. The wireless system can be set anywhere, and it will watch over your home 24/7.

You can tune in any time and see what is happening from your smartphone device. Whether you are across town, or across the globe, you can rest easy knowing your home’s security is in your hands.

With video technology, motion detectors and temperature monitoring, you have even more insight than home devices that came before Blink. If there is a movement that is unexpected, a change in temperature that is drastic enough to cause a potential issue, or something suspicious occurs, it will begin recording automatically.

It will also send you an alert. You can check your phone to see what is happening in real time. If something is occurring that presents a danger, you can contact authorities long before ever returning home.

The actual design isn’t bad. They are attractive and small devices that can be placed pretty much anywhere through the house. So they aren’t the eyesore of many other security systems, and yet not so obscure that someone wouldn’t know they are there. This isn’t some sleazy hidden camera device; people will know they are being watched, which adds an additional layer of security.

If you are worried about security, it can be turned on or off from your smartphone. An LED light indicates when it is live or recording, so images will never be taken without your knowledge. They also claim the devices are hack-proof, though only time will tell if that is the case, or not.

I have always found home monitoring systems kind of creepy, to be honest. The thought of cameras being on me, or in my space, sets my teeth on edge. But if you are the kind of person who likes that sort of thing, this does look like a solid next gen product that would give you more benefits than the average home security system.

It is also pretty cheap; Blink starts at just $49 per device, which is much less than it is probably worth.

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