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Best Buy will sell the Apple Watch on August 7th


Until now, if you wanted an Apple Watch, you had to buy it in one of three places: online, at the Apple Store or at your nearest high-end luxury goods boutique. If none of those places are convenient, then you’ll be happy to learn that the wearable will also be available from Best Buy on August 7th. The store will be the first big national chain to stock the device, and in keeping with its mass-market appeal, won’t be stocking the pricey Edition model. It will, however, have both the 38 and 42mm versions of both the Sport and Watch models in 16 different configurations — not to mention a large supply of nightstands, screen protectors and third-party straps not approved by Apple.

It’s another step on the road to global domination for the Apple Watch, since despite not really being widely available in its first nine weeks of life. The company has already pulled in roughly a billion dollars worth of sales and could barely make the hardware fast enough to keep up with demand. If Best Buy is ready to announce a launch date for nationwide sales, then those initial supply issues must have eased. Oh, and given that the device is believed to account for 75 percent of the smartwatch market — in nine weeks — then Apple’s going to have to buy some bigger warehouses to store all of the money it’s about to make.

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