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OnePlus Teases Its Custom Keychron Keyboard In New Video

OnePlus’ final announcement of 2022 was, oddly enough, a collaboration with Keychron. The brands are working together to build a “fully customizable” OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard. Now, a new teaser video shows us what to expect from this keyboard before its February 7th debut. The Oneplus keyboard features an aluminum chassis, an adjustable riser (which is really a swiveling metal bar), RGB lighting, and a mix of gray and red keycaps. There’s also a large clear volume knob—as XDA-Developers notes, some images of…


Microsoft Edge’s New “Split Screen” Will Change the Way You Use Tabs

Reading two web pages on a single screen should be a simple task. Sure, you can open two browser windows, but only if you have a reasonably large screen and the patience to tidy everything up when you’re done. But what if I told you that things are about to get easier? As discovered by Reddit user u/Leopeva64-2, Microsoft is working on a Split Screen feature for the Microsoft Edge browser. The idea behind this feature is very straightforward—it lets you…


Apple’s Biggest Computer Failure Turns 40 Years Old Today

Apple has a number of notable product failures, including the round mouse, eMate, Pippin, and Newton, among others. But, none as so famous as the one that bears the name of Steve Jobs’s first daughter, Lisa. If this computer line had succeeded, it would turn 40 years old today. Apple began developing Lisa on July 30, 1979. The company officially stated that “Lisa” stood for “Locally Integrated Software Architecture.” However, it was a known secret that the computer was actually…


New Galaxy S23 Ultra Images Leak Weeks Ahead of Release

Samsung recently announced it’ll officially unveil the Galaxy S23 series and the big new Galaxy S23 Ultra on February 1st. With just weeks to go before the big event, new leaks reveal all four colors and confirm a design we’ve expected for months. The Dutch website Nieuwe Mobiel recently published a slew of images (or renders) that are reportedly official press materials and give us our best look yet at Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone series. The photos further corroborate earlier…


The Mac Touchscreen Rumor Goes Against Steve Jobs’ Philosophy

Touchscreens could be coming to Mac computers. According to a Bloomberg report, an unnamed source claims that engineers are actively engaged in incorporating touch-sensitive displays into the Mac line as early as 2025. If true, it would introduce a concept that Steve Jobs said “doesn’t work.” In October 2010, Jobs railed against the idea in his “Back to the Mac” keynote address (one of his very last before his resignation and death): Play Video “It gives great demo but after…


Select Jitterbug Phones Sold by Best Buy Can’t Make Calls

Please check in on any family members who use a Jitterbug Flip phone. This product, which is primarily sold through the Lively carrier at Best Buy, cannot make or answer calls due to an oversight during Verizon’s 3G network shutdown. (That said, this probably isn’t Verizon’s fault.) The Lively phone service is an MVNO or “mobile virtual network operator.” Instead of owning or maintaining a cellular network, it rents cellular service from other operators. Lively was acquired by Best Buy…


The Fairphone 2 Is About to Receive Its Final Update

A few years ago, I wrote a quick article celebrating the Fairphone 2’s extremely long lifespan. This modular and repairable phone still received major software updates five years after its release—something we’d love to see from Google or Samsung. Now, at seven years old, the Fairphone 2 is about to get one last update. The final Fairphone 2 update arrives in March of 2023. And it isn’t a major update. It’s just a new iteration of Android 10, which originally arrived…


Razer’s New Webcam Is Totally Overkill, but We Love It

Along with its impressive beamforming speaker, Razer debuted a new 4K webcam at CES 2023. And man, this thing is total overkill—the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra shoots uncompressed 4K 24FPS video, it has the largest sensor of any webcam, and it uses AI to achieve several image-enhancing effects. From a technical standpoint, the Kiyo Pro Ultra should offer a higher-quality image than competing 4K webcams. The Elgato Facecam Pro shoots 4K 60FPS video, for example, but it’s compressed video, meaning that…


Android’s Media Player Is Getting Spotify Connect Support and More

Google Android’s media player and listening experience evolved a lot with Android 13. Soon, it will be getting even better with Spotify Connect support on the lock screen, and the ability for your music to move with you throughout the day. Android 13 introduced a new media player widget for the notification shade and lock screen. One of the new features was the ability to change the playback device from the widget—Bluetooth or Chromecast devices. However, it only supported YouTube…


LineageOS 20 Brings Android 13 to Older Phones

Joe Fedewa / How-To Geek Depending on what Android phone you get, you might have excellent or terrible software support. If your phone has already reached end-of-life, you still have options. One of the most popular ones is LineageOS, and it has just reached version 20, based on Android 13. The popular LineageOS custom ROM project, formerly known as CyanogenMod years ago, now lets you try out the latest version of Android on more smartphones. The project’s developers usually finish…


How Long Can You Keep Using an Android Phone?

Justin Duino / How-To Geek Smartphones aren’t making significant strides every single year, which has led more people to keep their phone for two, three, or four years. Can the average Android phone last that long before running into problems, though? That’s a complex question to answer, so we need to break it down into parts. First, the physical hardware in the phone has a fixed lifetime, with different access to repairs and warranty services. There’s also the software side…


This Phone Has a 6.1-Inch E-Ink Display

Hisense E-ink panels are great for eReaders and the like, but for smartphones and other kinds of devices where screens are constantly refreshing, they’re not the most pleasant to use. But that’s not stopping this smartphone from Hisense. Hisense has launched the Hi Reader Pro, a smartphone that comes with basic budget phone specs, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 and 4 GB of RAM. However, there’s a twist — the phone has a 6.1-inch black-and-white e-ink panel. This means that…