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The Best Samsung Phones of 2021

Jack Skeens/ Pros ✓ Nice middle-ground size✓ Great display✓ Powerful performance Cons ✗ Not as many cameras as Ultra model✗ A little on the pricey side If there’s one Samsung phone that will be a good fit for most people, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S21. While it doesn’t have all the flash and pizazz as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it hits all the sweet spots. First and foremost, compared to the rest of the S21 series, the regular Galaxy S21…


Tech History Trivia: Dell

Sometimes all it takes to become an international PC juggernaut is $1000 and a vision. That’s what Michael Dell brought to the table when he founded PC’s Limited at the mere age of nineteen. Since then Dell has grown to become the third largest PC retailer in the world and the second largest in the US. Many businesses operate solely on Dell computer projects, which is why ComputerCare is proud to be an official service provider for the brand. Exponential…


The Best Raspberry Pi Kits of 2021 for Your Latest Project

Raspberry Pi Want to build an affordable computer and wondering where to start? A Raspberry Pi kit can save you the hassle of buying components separately and then figuring out whether everything is compatible. But which kit should you pick up? Here are our recommendations. Table of Contents What to Look for in a Raspberry Pi Kit in 2021Best Raspberry Pi Overall: Vilros Desktop with Touchscreen DisplayBest Budget Raspberry Pi: CanaKit Zero WBest Raspberry Pi Starter Kit: 400 Personal Computer…


Tech History Trivia: HP Inc.

In 1934, two Stanford electrical engineering graduates met on a camping trip. That was the beginning of what we like to refer to as Bill and Dave’s excellent adventures. The two men quickly became friends and decided to collaborate. They rented a property in Palo Alto, CA, in 1938, with Bill and his wife living in the house, and Dave taking the shed out back (cozy!). Meanwhile, the two men got to work on their electronic inventions in the garage…


8 creative ways to add flair to your Instagram stories

Plann / UnsplashNo one would blame you for thinking Instagram’s customization options for Stories are somewhat limited. You can add text, a GIF, draw something, and plug in a tune. But when used in creative ways, these tools are more than enough to create stories that’ll capture your followers’ attention. Periods can become polka dots or squares to compose a trendy, geometric background for your pictures. Dashes can turn into lines, GIFs can create flashy effects, and the right colors…


Seed banks are full of hidden fungi, and scientists love it

Rowena HillRowena Hill is a PhD candidate in fungi at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and Queen Mary University of London. Ester Gaya is a senior research leader at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Simon Kallow is a PhD students at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. This story originally featured on The Conversation. This was the moment of truth. We’d spent countless hours meticulously sterilizing seeds (1,710, to be specific), filling the lab with a cacophony of rattling as we shook…


Ask Us Anything: What would happen if you fell into a black hole?

Katie Belloff/Popular ScienceIs your head constantly spinning with outlandish, mind-burning questions? If you’ve ever wondered what the universe is made of, what would happen if you fell into a black hole, or even why not everyone can touch their toes, then you should be sure to listen and subscribe to Ask Us Anything, a brand new podcast from the editors of Popular Science. Ask Us Anything hits Apple, Anchor, Spotify, and everywhere else you listen to podcasts every Tuesday and Thursday. Each episode…


AirPods Max Update 3C39 May Address Troubling Battery Drain Issue

The issue appeared shortly after Apple released the AirPods Max in December 2020. One of the biggest complaints among new owners was an unexpected drop in power when the AirPods were left to sit idle. Most often, this battery drain occurred at night when the owner was not using their AirPods Max. Some people note that their AirPods were one percent in the morning even though they were fully charged the night before. A factory reset of the AirPods Max…


With Ironic Twist, Bill Gates Reveals Why He Prefers Android Over iPhone

Speaking to journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin and Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davidson, Gates talked about why he chose Android and uses the Google-powered platform. According to Gates, he likes the openness of the Android ecosystem and more. “I actually use an Android phone. Because I want to keep track of everything, I’ll often play around with iPhones, but the one I carry around happens to be Android. Some of the Android manufacturers pre-install Microsoft software in a way that makes it…


What Is a Human Interface Device (HID)?

There are a lot of strange terms that come with using a computer. One that you may have seen is “Human Interface Device” or “HID.” It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but what exactly does it mean? “Human Interface Device” may sound strangely alien, but the name is actually very descriptive. Simply put, an HID is a standard for computer devices that are operated by humans. The standard allows these devices to be easily used without any…


Unprecedented Winter Storm Causes Cellular Outages Across All Major Carriers in Texas

AT&T AT&T confirmed to Austin’s KVUE that some customers were experiencing outages due to the snow, ice, and cold temperatures affecting the area. “We continue to closely monitor Winter Storm Uri. Commercial power outages and damage from snow and ice may be affecting service for some wireless and wireline customers. Technicians are deploying generators as needed, and are working to restore service as quickly and as safely as conditions allow. Our Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) team is on standby and…