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Why I Still Use a 34-Year-Old IBM Model M Keyboard

Benj Edwards In a world where rapidly changing technology feels increasingly disposable, one thing remains constant in my computer setup: my 34-year-old IBM 101-key Enhanced Keyboard, commonly known as the Model M. Here’s why I’ll never give up its clicky keys and ideal layout. Origins of the Model M An IBM patent diagram of the buckling spring actuator in use. IBM The 1981 IBM PC came with an 83-key keyboard (commonly known as the “Model F”). Reviewers generally admired it,…


PS5 and Xbox Series X: What Are Teraflops?

Microsoft Teraflops: they’re all anyone wants to talk about when the upcoming Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 consoles are mentioned. This is because Microsoft and Sony are bragging about big performance boosts thanks, in part, to an increase in teraflops. Consoles vs. PCs: The Beasts in the Den The Xbox Series X GPU is based on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture and will be capable of 12 teraflops. Meanwhile, Sony’s PlayStation 5 (also based on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture) will have a GPU…


It’s the New Year! Time to Form Some Good Tech Habits

What with the multitude of devices and accounts we are all constantly juggling, it can be easy to slip into less than secure habits with personal accounts, information, and data. That’s why it’s a great idea at the new year to make good resolutions for our technological lives. Here are a few suggestions for you to choose from! Weak Passwords It’s a temptation for us all: reuse the same password on every single site we visit. Sure, it’s easier to…


How to Forward Ports on Your Router

Although modern routers handle most functions automatically, some applications will require you to manually forward a port to that application or device. Fortunately, it’s really simple to do if you know where to look. What Is Port Forwarding? There are plenty of projects we’ve covered that use your computer as a server for other devices. When you’re inside of your network, most things will work fine. But some apps, if you want to access them when you’re outside your network, make…


What’s the Latest Version of iOS for iPhones and iPads?

Apple’s iPhones run the iOS operating system, while iPads run iPadOS—based on iOS. You can find the installed software version and upgrade to the latest iOS right from your Settings app if Apple still supports your device. The Latest Major Version is iOS 13 The latest major version of Apple’s iOS operating system is iOS 13, which Apple first released on September 19, 2019. iPads got iPadOS 13.1—based on iOS 13.1—on September 24, 2019. Apple releases new major versions of…


Understanding Computer Hardware

Here at ComputerCare it’s our job to think about the physical pieces and parts that make up computer hardware. We talk in terms of RAM and cards and drives, but even while we’re spouting that jargon, we do realize that not everyone is quite as well versed in the anatomy of computers. That’s why we’re providing this handy guide to the main components so you can understand what we’re looking at when we diagnose your device.  Motherboard A computer is…


Why Video Doorbells Are the Best Smarthome Gadget

Video doorbells are the most important smarthome device you can buy. Smart light bulbs may be flashy, but—when properly integrated—a video doorbell will become something you can’t live without. They’re incredibly reasonable, too, costing just $99 to $199. If you could only have one smarthome device, you should make it a video doorbell—assuming you can install one. And if you could only have two, it should be a video doorbell and a voice assistant with a display. Here’s why. Video…


So You Broke Your Phone Screen: How to Repair It

Touch screen devices like phones and tablets are much tougher than they used to be. Phone screens are more durable, cases are more advanced, and there are many products you can use to add protection to your screens. But the worst still happens: you drop your phone just right and crunch! Your screen cracks. What do you do next? Assess the Damage Is it a small crack, or totally smashed? Are you at risk for cuts if you try and…


How to Use an MMO or MOBA Mouse For Productivity

Corsair MMO or MOBA mice are made for games that use a lot of buttons. These mice practically give you an extra keyboard. And you can rebind those keys to whatever you want, including hotkeys and macros. We’ll be using the Corsair Scimitar as an example in this guide, as it’s inexpensive ($59.99) and has great software. We also love Razer’s NAGA Trinity ($74.92), naming it one of our best gaming mice. The same general instructions should work for any mouse…


What Are USB Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 2×2?

Talaj/Shutterstock Finding the fastest USB connection used to be easy: choose USB 3.0 instead of 2.0. But now, you’ll need to know the difference between USB 3.2 Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 2×2—and what various types of “SuperSpeed” mean, too. USB Naming Used to Be Simple kontrymphoto/Shutterstock Once upon a time, USB came in two main flavors, 2.0 and 3.0. All you needed to know about them was 3.0 was faster than 2.0. You could buy a USB 2.0…


What is Motion Smoothing on a TV, and Why Do People Hate It?

Willy Barton/ If you’ve just bought a new TV, you might be wondering why everything you watch feels eerily sped up and smooth, like you’re watching a live broadcast all the time. You’re not imagining things: Your TV might be suffering from Motion Smoothing. What is Motion Smoothing, and How Does it Work? Every TV manufacturer calls their specific tech by a different name, for marketing reasons of course. Action Smoothing, TruMotion, Motionflow—these are all names for the same function:…


How to Disable Motion Smoothing on a Samsung TV

Samsung Newer Samsung TVs have a feature called “Auto Motion Plus,” which is a form of motion smoothing. Motion smoothing is widely disliked for making a TV’s picture feel too smooth and sometimes a little strange. What Is “Auto Motion Plus” Anyway? Auto Motion Plus works by increasing the framerate of content you watch. Most TV in the US is filmed at 24 or 30 frames per second (fps), but almost all TVs refresh at 60fps or 120fps. So the idea…