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Why a mysterious ninth planet might be lurking beyond Pluto

Our understanding of the solar system is a work in progress. Pluto’s demotion to a dwarf planet was just one of many revisions—in recent decades astronomers have cataloged new dwarfs, like far-off Eris, and spotted more moons around our gas giant neighbors. And now some researchers think there’s evidence for a new planet hiding beyond Neptune. Two astronomers in Japan, Patryk Sofia Lykawka and Takashi Ito, claim there is a planet a little larger than Earth lurking in the Kuiper…


This wormy robot can wriggle its way around a jet engine

A new wormy robot could help with jet engine inspections at GE Aerospace, according to an announcement this week. Sensiworm, short for “Soft ElectroNics Skin-Innervated Robotic Worm,” is the newest outgrowth in GE’s line of worm robots, which includes a “giant earthworm” for tunneling and the “Pipeworm” for pipeline inspection.  Jet engines are complex devices made up of many moving parts. They have to withstand factors like high heat, plenty of movement, and varying degrees of pressure. Because they need…


EPA says over half of all new cars must be EVs or hybrids by 2032

The Biden administration has announced some of the biggest pollution regulations in US history. On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency revealeded the finalization of new, enforceable standards meant to ensure electric and hybrid vehicles make up at least 56 percent of all passenger car and light truck sales by 2032. To meet this goal, automotive manufacturers will face increasing tailpipe pollution limits over the next few years. This gradual shift essentially means over half of all car companies’ sales will…


‘Cyberflasher’ sent to prison for the first time in England

England’s court system has sentenced a “cyberflasher” to over a year in prison—a first for the country after its Online Safety Act went into effect on January 31. The 39-year-old culprit—already a registered sex offender—recently admitted in court to sending explicit photos of himself in February to both an adult woman and teenage girl via the messaging platform, WhatsApp. The woman subsequently took a screenshot of the interaction and reported it to police on the same day. Passed by UK…


7 Best Android Phones On The Market

In the vast world of smartphones, choosing the right Android device can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a die-hard cameramaniac, a battery life champion, or a budget-conscious buyer, there’s a perfect Android phone out there with the specs and features to match your needs. We’ve explored the latest offerings to identify the best Android phones across various categories, so you can find the perfect match for your mobile lifestyle. While the iPhone vs. Android debate is always heated, we…


Lighting ‘blind spot’ discovery paves way for more efficient OLED TVs and phones

DURHAM, United Kingdom — Researchers have uncovered a new light pathway that promises to significantly enhance the efficiency of our TV and phone screens. This breakthrough involves a novel approach toward creating brighter, more efficient, and more stable blue organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which are crucial components in most modern smartphones and televisions. These devices depend on the light emitted by specialized organic molecules. The innovation comes from scientists at Durham University, who have developed a “hyperfluorescent” strategy. This technique…


Why do solar eclipses happen?

This article was originally featured on The Conversation. On April 8, 2024, millions across the U.S. will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to view a total solar eclipse. Cities including Austin, Texas; Buffalo, New York; and Cleveland, Ohio, will have a direct view of this rare cosmic event that lasts for just a few hours. While you can see many astronomical events, such as comets and meteor showers, from anywhere on Earth, eclipses are different. You need to travel to what’s called the path of totality to experience…


Five Films That Explored the Future of Technology

While movies are the ultimate form of escapism, they can also tell us some haunting truths about the way that technology can evolve – and the great and terrible things that come with it. Here are five of the best films that deal with technological advancements, both real and fictional. Five Films That Explored the Future of Technology / Shutterstock The Matrix“The Matrix” is an incredible movie that asks the question – is the world we live in actually real?…


How citizen scientists are protecting ‘glass eels’

The Hudson River used to be among some of the most contaminated rivers in the United States. Following decades of environmental legislation and activism, wildlife including bald eagles, bears, and whales are being spotted in New York in larger numbers. The Hudson is also an important habitat for migratory American eels, who are now getting some help from citizen scientists.  For the first time, this citizen science data will be treated as official data entered in the Atlantic States Marine…


The Opt Out: Analog life is possible. But it’ll cost you.

You are more than a data point. The Opt Out is here to help you take your privacy back. THERE’S A LOT you need to be careful about if you want to prevent tech companies, governments, and hackers from getting hold of your information. So much, in fact, that it can be tempting to just delete all your accounts, ditch your smartphone, and go off the grid.   If you’ve ever considered the possibility of going analog, you’re not alone. But is that…


5 space robots that could heal human bodies—or even grow new ones

IN ONE OF HUMANITY’S many possible futures, the fearless explorers tasked with climbing cloud-splitting mountains in oxygen-poor atmospheres or charting the low, darkened craters of various alien landscapes would never perish from injuries during perilous scouting expeditions. Nor would they fall ill or sustain genetic damage, thanks to supercharged hypersleep chambers that would heal otherwise fatal wounds. As it is today, astronauts don’t have the luxury of being unprepared—instead they must be equipped to deal with all sorts of medical…


How social media helps wildlife trafficking thrive in plain sight

This article was originally featured on Hakai Magazine, an online publication about science and society in coastal ecosystems. Read more stories like this at In the summer of 2020, Jennifer Pytka spent three and a half hours a day sleuthing the internet for evidence of wildlife trafficking. She’d type กระเบนท้องน้ำ, a Thai word that loosely translates to stingray, into Google, and her search would immediately yield images of rings, each studded with an ornate white thorn about the size of a thumbnail.…