Apple's iOS 8 Camera app brings new shooting modes, developers given keys …

Shelf Wallpaper for iPhone & iPod Touch
new app for iphone
Image by Jens Skoug Obel
Update: Check out the new high resolution wallpapers here

Made these wallpapers the day after the iOS4 was published. I didn’t really like the wallpaper function because it made my home screen look messy. I then decided to make my own iBooks inspired wallpaper. This have been done before, but I added my personal taste to it. It is so different how people want their wallpapers and home screens.

Apple's iOS 8 Camera app brings new shooting modes, developers given keys

new app for iphone
When Apple ships iOS 8 to the public in the fall, the company will bring a host of new features to its first-party Camera app by applying software tweaks that leverage existing iPhone and iPad hardware. On the user-facing end, iOS 8's Camera brings …

CAPOW! New iPhone App Helps Grow Confidence for Women

new app for iphone
CAPOW! is a new iPhone app designed to assist women to build higher levels of self-confidence. CAPOW! Confidence And the Power Of Women is available for download from the App Store on June 3, 2014. The app contains a simple three-step process for …

Apple's latest iPhone 5s ad focuses on fitness

new app for iphone
More recently, Apple unveiled a new push into health and fitness at WWDC 2014 with iOS 8's HealthKit and the corresponding Health app. HealthKit is a framework that third-party app and device makers can use to integrate their products with compatible …

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