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Apple launches Maps Connect to let businesses add details to their Maps listing


Apple Maps has experienced some growing pains over the years, but with time the app has become a useful GPS solution. Of course there’s always room for improvement, which is why Apple has launched Maps Connect. Maps Connect is a new service for small business owners who want to add more information to their Apple Maps listings, or change details that are out of date.

Users can login to the site using their Apple ID and update or change their business’s information for free. You can include your business’ address, hours of operation, links to your social media pages, and even your Yelp page. Once you update your information a verification code is sent via telephone.

A source at Apple has told Search Engine Land businesses would also be able to verify their information using an email connected to their business website in the future. Their source also said that updates and new listings could take up to a week to show up on the service.

Apple is also using the service to promote their iBeacon technology. When you login to the service you’ll see a drop down menu in the upper left side of the screen. This allows you to specify if your business is indoor or a store front. If you select “Indoor” it shows you the following screen.


Apple is prioritizing access to the service to larger venues currently. Here’s what the sign up process looks like.

You can sign your business up right now by heading over to

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