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Apple iPod Touch 16GB (5th Generation): Unboxing & Review

IPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch 16GB (5th Generation): Unboxing & Review

Detailed look at the new entry-level 16GB iPod Touch 5G which removes the iSight camera and iPod loop and makes some cosmetic changes to lower cost. This vid…
iPod Touch Video Rating: 4 / 5

iPod touch – My PDA.
iPod Touch
Image by MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・)
最近のiPod touchはこんな感じ。

How many generations of Ipod touch are currently available?

I am new to the ipod touch market and while researching on the web cannot figure out if there is a first and second generation or only a first. I am not talking about the regular ipod, but rather the ipod touch. I am debating on waiting for the next generation of the touch, because i can wait and I would think there would be significant improvements. Any meaningful thoughts is much appreciated.

iPod Touch best answer:

Answer by JeanSar
not a new generation. it came out in like september but then in january they came out with the 32gb iPod touch. it’s the same thing though

iPod touch applications home screen pg 2
iPod Touch
Image by danieljohnsonjr
In response to a question on the Dancing with Elephants family podcast (, here are some apps that I have on my iPod touch.

'Terraria' out now on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

iPod Touch
Available to download from the App Store for £3.99 ($ 4.99), the mobile port is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Terraria (Xbox 360). Terraria on Xbox 360. Developed by Codeglue, the Terraria iOS release features redesigned touchscreen …

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