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IPad Smart Cover

Apple iPad 3 Smart Case vs. Smart Cover

In this review, I compare the new Apple iPad Smart Case to the Leather Apple Smart cover. I also include a look at the INCASE Magnetic snap back case. thanks…
iPad Smart Cover Video Rating: 4 / 5

Is there an iPad smart cover case for iPhone?

I like the iPad smart cover case and wanted one on my iPhone. I know the screen won’t turn off when i put the cover, but i like the design. Is there case like it which covers the more or less the entire iPhone 5?

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Answer by Joey
Its not a smart cover, but buy an Otter Box. They are pretty much indestructible. My girlfriend had her iphone ran over by a car and there was absolutely no damage at all. Not even a cracked screen. Its worth it. The cases are around forty dollars

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