App Happy: Family Travel Tools


The right app can keep you and the kids happy. Whether you take family trips by car, boat or plane, add value to your family adventure with educational, problem solving and travel-friendly apps.

Here are five to consider:

The Oregon Trail.

Which supplies will you bring? How will you choose the best route? Kids will learn about the triumphs and challenges of life as a western pioneer in the late 1800s through this engaging app.The adventure begins in Missouri, and brave trailblazers make all the decisions that might be required for safe passage to Oregon via wagon train. Educational and compelling, players can talk to characters and opt in for minigames along the way.



Real-world treasure hunts take place around the world, and your family can join in the fun. This app provides a great way to blend the use of GPS technology with the mission of finding caches.

Choose your outing based on terrain difficulty, points of interest or the level of challenge.



Families on the go can access user-rated intelligence regarding diaper changing stations, kid-friendly restaurants, parks and play places. Tips regarding medical facilities including pharmacies and urgent-care locations are also available. The developers have tapped parents across the country to create an impressive database of locations. Available free for Android and iPhone.


Dr. Seuss Bookshelf. 

For a wealth of literacy-enhancing rhymes, games and stories, access this collection of Dr. Seuss’ whimsical wisdom. Kids of all ages will enjoy the interactive illustrations and the opportunity to hear some of the classics read aloud.


Games On the Go.

For colorful, educational fun with planes, cars, trains, fire trucks, dinosaurs and ponies, access these beautifully illustrated apps designed to engage children ages 2 to 6. Through puzzles and other interactive play, kids will be entertained while they learn letters, numbers, patterns and relationships.


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