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Amazon, Facebook, Google, And The New Tech Conglomerate

Amazon, Facebook, Google, And The New Tech Conglomerate

Google Google and Facebook's acquisition spree has received much press and discussion recently. One of the more interesting pieces on the topic last week was published in the New York Times. Written by Steven Davidoff, a Berkeley Law professor, the …

Facebook's Switch To Messenger App Going Just As Terribly As You'd Expect

"Terrible app" and "to hell with this" are just some of the things people are saying online about the latest version of the Facebook Messenger app, which will soon take the place of the messages function on Facebook's mobile app. Though the Messenger …

If Google And Facebook Are Accused Of Tax Avoidance, Should An Ex-Manager

There's something of a manufactured little rumpus going on in Britain over the latest appointments to the House of Lords. The point being that one of those created a Baroness has been a senior manager of both Google Google and Facebook in Europe.

You Posted That on Facebook?

Ellen has been on her audience’s Facebook pages again! She’s found some hilarious and embarrassing photos that she couldn’t wait to show her audience, and th…
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