Value Ero was set up as a hobby and a way to express views on consumer technology, business technology and write editorials surrounding frustrating executive decisions made by tech companies. It is now a rather huge website, delivering unique guides, features, infographics and stories for tech hungry consumers. Value Ero is now more successful than ever, with over a hundred thousand monthly visitors and a growing social media following.

We have evolved since its first days, and right now, our content focus surrounds good old consumer electronics and business articles. We also cover search engine optimization, social media and apps across all platforms, as well as any other subject that interests us. You’ll find nothing but extremely high quality content at Value Ero, and our strive to be the highest quality independent technology blog is one which keeps us going and spurs us on to do so much more.

Technology news. Technology reviews. Broadband. Smartphones. Tablets. Gadgets. Photography. Business. SEO. 3D. Apple. Android. Wearable technology. These are just some of the areas within technology that we are incredibly passionate about. All in all, we at Value Ero love what we cover day in day out.

We grown in to a respected source for technology news and industry analysis. We are proud to be one of the fastest growing technology blogs.

If you have found our articles useful and all together of a great quality, then let us know and drop a comment. All of our articles are comment open, and you can also contact us on.

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