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A Supplement That Does Not Affect Hormones

Beta-alanine is a supplement that is naturally present in foods, especially different kinds of meats. It is a non-essential amino acid that is very important in the synthesis of Carnosine, an essential amino acid required in building proteins.

Why Do We Need To Supplement It?

8075997216_aec771ec22-300x194Even though it is found naturally in foods, one of the main reasons for supplementing this compound is to enhance muscle activity. Hence this is a preferred supplement for people, who wish to increase their endurance, power up their workouts, indulge in strenuous physical activity that may require anaerobic as well as aerobic endurance. In short it allows people to train for longer durations without fatigue setting in and is suggested to athletes, runners, weightlifters and bodybuilders. Even ordinary people who indulge in regular physical exercises and have reached a stage where no more visible effect is achievable. With this supplement they can stretch their workout to longer duration and thus enhance the results.

How To Supplement It?

The best way to supplement it is through oral doses of 3 to 6.5gms per day. Beta-alanine supplemented thus directly has an effect on the synthesis of carnosine in the body. Beta alanine is synthesized in the liver and sent to the muscle tissue where it is acted upon by the amino acid histidine present in the body along with the enzyme carnosine amylase. It is carnosine that is very essential for muscle activity and beta-alanine thus aids its formation.

How Does It Work?

Carnosine thus formed is noted to be a good muscle equilibrium balancer. During the course of a workout, the pH levels of the muscle turn acidic with the release of H+ and glycosis that causes lactic acid build up. This change on pH weakens the muscles that then begin to contract and performance beyond this point gets difficult with the onset of fatigue. This is where these kinds of amino acids come to play a major role. It balances the pH equilibrium and thus lets the muscles perform for a longer time without tiring out quickly. People who take these supplements have marked changes in their energy levels during their workouts and are able to thus workout for longer durations of time.

Is It Safe?

Clinical studies show that it is absolutely safe to use this supplement. Short-term use has not shown any major side effects with only few people expressing some kind of tingling sensation. There are many studies that have been conducted on humans and the results are favorable for use by both men and women to improve their physical performance. There are a number of studies to show that the compound does not affect hormones as well. Studies on it effect on testosterone, cortisol and growth hormones over a period of 30 days showed no marked changes and the compound only affected the ability to work out better without causing changes to hormones in healthy individual. It is thus absolutely safe to use this supplement without fear of any side effects and it has found to increase only the lean mass and not fat mass. Its effects are pronounced only with a rigorous workout. The compound as such supplemented without exercise does not have any favorable results to speak off.

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