A pilgrimage to Qufu Shandong


You can’t be strange to Confucius, a renowned philosopher, politician and educator in ancient China whose system of belief involving philosophy, politics and ethics (subsequently known as Confucianism) has exerted profound influence on Chinese culture, was revered as the Sacred Model Teacher for Ten Thousand Generations by Chinese emperors. He built up a system of philosophical thoughts with Ren——“love other people” as its basic virtue, which he considered as the first and highest criterion of man’s behavior and the core of morality. “Treat others the way you want to be treated”, a famous saying you must have heard of, which tells you the wisdom of getting along with others. Do you want to have a deeper understanding of the great man’s thoughts and his legendary life? Then Qufu is your destination!


Located in southwest of Shandong province, Qufu is the birthplace of Confucius, and it served as the capital of the State of Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period. It is famous for the “Three Cons”— the Mansion, Temple and Cemetery of Confucius, which enjoys a worldwide fame as a traditional Chinese cultural site. In 1994, they were listed as world cultural heritage sites.

As the heritage sites embodying the core value of traditional Chinese culture—Confucianism, the property areas cover all the necessary elements for demonstrating its historical values and setting. The Temple reflects the paramount position of Confucianism in traditional Chinese culture. The Cemetery, as a graveyard for Confucius and his descendants, provides integral and most important material evidence for the development of the Kong Clan. The Kong Family Mansion, as the office and residence for the direct descendants of Confucius, testifies to the eminent status enjoyed by the Kong family in traditional Chinese society because of Confucianism.


Come and have a pilgrimage in Qufu! By watching these historical pavilions, towers, halls and archways, by listening the legends of the great men, by experiencing the grand “Confucius Ceremony” if lucky, you can gain a unique trip full of pleasure and wisdom.

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