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A beautiful place:Xitang


When Tom Cruise jumps and shuttles between white walls and black tiles, and runs quickly through the ceilinged corridors, he shows this beautiful town in Jiashan county of Zhejiang province withMission: Impossible III to the world. Overlooking the river, white walls and ink roofs, boat shadow shimmering in the mist, all of this is just as a light color painting; Walking into the town, roofs of the corridor are old, alleys are deep, which we seem enter a long history; The essence of Xitang is in the morning and evening, you can look for an inn facing the water, open the window, or sit on a chair in the court by water brew a cup of tea, and enjoy slow time in the quiet town.

Xitang wins many praises from tourists because of its three characteristics as “many bridges, many lanes and many corridors”, during which, the most attractive is corridor shed built along the river.  Corridor shed is the unique architecture. This more than 1300 m long corridor shed has been preserved as a casual tour to appreciate the ancient buildings for contemporary people.

Xitang is a very plain town, all in it are simple and pure. It doesn’t have the prosperity like Zhouzhuang, it doesn’t have the rich situation like Nanxun, it also doesn’t have the deep business atmosphere, but Xitang has its unique charm which makes tourists be enchanted.

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